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BYLR stands for "Build Your Life Resume". You see, we don't believe in resumes in the traditional sense… we believe in life resumes. Doing more. Accumulating experiences. Living life for a living.

The reality is the more you experience the more you have to offer. This community was established to help people get more out of life. Period. Sure we have work, responsibilities and obligations….but we also only have one go around at life.

BYLR was founded by Jesse Itzler, a serial entrepreneur, author, endurance athlete and part owner of the Atlanta Hawks. Over the last years Jesse has amassed an amazing life resume. He built and sold multiple businesses, ran 100 mile races, was a rapper, lived on a monastery with monks, managed RUN DMC, wrote a #1 bestselling book and has raised an amazing family along the way.

In BYLR the goal is to share Jesse's best practices, mentors and advisors with the BYLR community. We want everyone to leave with winning habits, winning routines and a winning mindset.

Through our programs like 30 Days of Excellence, The Big A## Calendar Club, Camp BYLR and our foundational BYLR course (which is on this portal) we offer a variety of ways for you to start building a life of memories and accomplishments.

Thanks for being here.

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